Behind-The-Prop™ Starter Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Can I use the Behind-The-Prop™ Starter to start the engine on my "pusher-prop" aircraft?

Answer: No. The Behind-The-Prop™ Starter is intended only for "puller" type propellers which are mounted on the front of the airplane.

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Question: Why is the wood left "unfinished"?

Answer: It is left un-finished so that each pilot may finish it to his personal preference (e.g., Left unfinished, clear-coating, painting, linseed oil, etc.)

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Question: Why is the angle of the Behind-The-Prop™ Starter motor platform adjustable?

Answer: The angle of the Behind-The-Prop™ starter motor platform is adjustable so that pilots, if they choose, can start their "tail-dragger" aircraft with the tail wheel on the ground.

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Question: When you say that the Behind-The-Prop™ Starter requires minimal assembly, what do you mean?

Answer: The rear frame support ("outrigger") needs to be attached to the two, upright rails and battery tray using the provided screws (Qty. 7). The starter motor platform must be drilled to match your starter motor mounting configuration. Using the provided hardware, you connect your starter motor wires to the battery clips and relay and add the protective spiral sleeving to the the wire bundle.

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Question: Our flying field does not have a pavement landing strip. Can the Behind-The-Prop Starter be used on a grass field?

Answer: Absolutely! The Behind-The-Prop™ Starter can be secured in place by driving suitable stakes or spikes (not included) into the grass. The rear frame support would then be placed against the stakes so that it does not move away from the pilot during engine starting. You can also place the Behind-The-Prop™ Starter against something with sufficient weight.

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Question: Why is the starter motor base pre-drilled only for the Sullivan DynaTron starter?

Answer: It would be impractical to pre-drill the starter motor base for every electric starter motor mounting hole pattern. The Sullivan DynaTron was chosen because it is one of the most popular, high-torque starters available. The starter motor base can be drilled to accommodate most starter motors available.

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Question: Can I connect the Behind-The-Prop™ Starter to 24 Volts D.C.?

Answer: No. The Behind-The-Prop™ Starter must only be connected to 12 Volts D.C. because the relay coil is rated for 12 Volts D.C.

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Question: Doesn't the momentary switch on my starter motor have to be kept in the "on" position for the Behind-The-Prop™ Starter system to work? If so, how can it be kept on?

Answer: Yes, your starter motor must be held in the "on" position. There are two ways of doing this: (1) Use the included nylon cable ties to hold the switch in the "on" (depressed position). (2) Depending on the starter motor, you can re-solder the starter motor's switch terminals to permanently bypass the switch.

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Question: What if I have a technical question not covered here?

Answer: Please contact our technical support department at if you have additional questions.

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