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Technical Description:

The MU-1800-I is a single axis, digital tilt sensor used to report the angle of an object with respect to gravity. Optical shaft encoder technology provides a full +/- 180 (360) degree range. A code wheel and an LED light source comprise the heart of the MU-1800-I. Integral to the MU-1800-I is a weight which is attached to one side of the code wheel assembly causing it to remain stationary with respect to gravity. Internal magnetic damping assures fast response time while eliminating oscillations and ringing. As the housing moves relative to the codewheel, the moving image of radial lines is converted to a real-time digital signal.

The MU-1800-I is a non-contacting, rotary to digital converter that converts real-time shaft angle and direction into a digital signal that is displayed on the AP3 front panel. It utilizes an extremely rugged mylar disk, LED light source, metal shaft and high quality ball bearings. The unit is powered by the AP3 digital display unit, and operates on +5VDC.

The rotary to digital converter uses a transmissive optical encoder module which has a lensed LED source and a monolithic detector IC enclosed in a small polymer package. The module uses phased array detector technology to provide superior performance and greater tolerances over traditional aperture mask type encoders.

Mechanical Drawings:

Front, Back and Side Views

Back and Side View MU-1800-I Front View MU-1800-I

Temperature Ratings:

Operating Temperature Range
-10+100Degrees C
Storage Temperature Range
-40+100Degrees C

Mechanical Specifications:

Vibration20 g. 5 to 2KHz
Weight8.47 oz.


The MU-1800-I utilizes eddy-current damping technology. Please refer to the following chart and notice the difference between zero damping and the MU-1800-I damping (angle measurements are obtained immediately and without ringing).

MU-1800-I Damping Response

AP3 Display

Technical Description:

The AP3 is a digital LCD readout designed to display the incremental count value of the MU-1800-I. The AP3 features a sign indicator for displaying both positive and negative angles. Signals from the MU-1800-I are filtered to ensure signal integrity over the entire input frequency range. The Match LED illuminates and relay closure occurs when an encoder count equals the zero angle. Under normal operation the relay closure feature is not needed. However the modeler may want to connect an external light or audio enunciation indicating zero angle has been reached. Please refer to the mechanical drawings and electrical specifications for proper implementation of this feature. Note that any angle reported by the MU-1800-I can be reset to a zero reference angle.

The AP3 Digital Display is powered by the AP12, +12 Volt power supply (included- see below). Optionally, the display unit accepts power from an external battery through a standard 2.1mm DIN circular plug (see FAQ Page for further details). The AP3 Digital Display supplies the +5 VDC power for the MU-1800-I.

Whenever the preprogrammed limits of +/- 0.5 degrees are exceeded, the AP3 digital display illuminates a corresponding High or Low LED. This feature is quite useful since it lets the user know when the angle is approaching zero.

The AP3 is constructed of a lightweight high impact polymer case with a clear viewing window. The AP3 display offers 0.5" high digits with blue backlighting. Leading Zero Blanking provides superior readability! (New, October 2006). The AP3 front panel thickness may range up to a maximum of 0.125" thick.

Mechanical Drawings:

Back and Side Views

AP3 Mechanical Dimensions

Panel Cutout Drawing

AP3 Panel Cutout Dimensions

Installation Instructions:

Note: It is very important that care be exercised when opening the case. Do not touch any of the electrical components as static discharge can damage them. Do not force the AP3 into an undersize cutout or over-tighten the screws when reinstalling the case. Damage resulting from improper installation is not covered under the terms of the AeroPerfect™ Warranty.

Electrical Specifications:

Supply Voltage7.5-30Volts
Supply Current*--40mA
Encoder Input Cycle Frequency--1.2MHz
Relay Contact Rating***--3.0Amps
Relay Switching Rating****

Relay Dielectric Stength500--VAC
Relay Contact Resistance--100uOhms
Enocder Output Voltage**
Encoder Supply Current--250mA
Encoder Low Input-0.40.8VDC
Encoder High Input2.05.05.75VDC

* Without MU-1800-I attached.
** 100mA load.
*** At rated AC or DV voltage.
**** An external clamp diode should be used when switching inductive loads.

AP-12 Power Supply


The AP-12 is an 18W regulated switching power supply that provides 12VDC @ 1.5A output. The power supply covers voltage inputs ranging from 90 to 264VAC and 47 to 63Hz which accommodates most international power requirements. Typical efficiency is 70% and output is short circuit protected.

The power supply DC output uses a 2.1mm circular plug (center positive) which is attached to a 48 inch long cable. The power supply plugs directly into a standard 120VAC receptacle or the appropriate AC plug adapter (see below).

Mechanical Drawing:

AP-12 Power Supply Drawing


Input Voltage90 to 264VAC
Input Frequency47 to 63Hz
AC Plug Type2-Prong, USA Type, non-polarized
Output Voltage12VDC
DC Output Plug5.5 x 2.1 x 9.5 mm female barrel, center positive
Load Regulation5%
Ripple & Noise40mV maximum
Operating Temperature0 to 40C
Storage Temperature-30 to 80C
ProtectionsOver voltage, Over current and Short circuit
CertificationUL 1950, CB (per EN 60950)
EMIMeets FCC class "B"
AC Input IndicatorGreen LED
Size (inches)3.15 x 2.16 x 1.26 (WLH)


AP-12 Power Supply Photograph

AC Adapter Plugs Available from AeroPerfect™:

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(European to U.S. Plug Adapter)

European Side

European Side

European Side

American (US) Side

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(Australian to U.S. Plug Adapter)

European Side

Australian Side

European Side

American (US) Side

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