Programming Hitec Digital Servos

Hear what others are saying about using the above procedures and spreadsheets for setting up Hitec Digital Servos:

"Bell Electronic Technologies,

Thanks for the follow-up and yes, I did get the spread sheets downloaded. I use both, in-plane and out of plane. For the Rudder servo's , I made a jig like yours and program it for 50 degrees. The others I do them on the plane because of geometry.

The 35% Carden has two servo's per Wing, I did one at a time, then used a Y, they're perfect, not one sound from Hitec Digital's at any position.

Thanks again,


Ward Miller
Engineering Group Manager
HUMMER Design Studio"

Good Afternoon,

Thanks for sharing the spreadsheet for programming using the Hitec HFP-20 programmer. It certainly improved my accuracy and time. I see the use of programmer/spreadsheet as a valuable tool, but it still is important to get the mechanical setup close. The big shocker for me was measuring the neutral output of the receiver, I assumed they were all the same between channels, not so. They don't vary that much, never the less, it's a detail to follow to improve the performance.

Thanks again,


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