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AeroPerfect™ MU-9000X Conversion Kit

Bell Electronic Technologies is pleased to announce the new MU-9000X CK conversion kit. First, here is a bit of background concerning the kit:

The MU-9000X USB angle measuring system requires pilots to own a laptop or desktop PC running either Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. While this system provides many powerful software tools that make aircraft setup and radio programming a breeze, many pilots do not currently own a computer.

For those pilots who plan to purchase a computer sometime in the future and want to take advantage of the new, lightweight MEMS technology today, this new conversion kit provides an upgrade path:

The new MU-9000X AP3 does provide pilots with the same lightweight MEMS technology (single axis) as the MU-9000X USB but does not require a PC. This newly-available conversion kit will allow pilots who purchase the MU-9000X AP3 to, for a nominal cost, upgrade to the MU-9000X USB computer angle measuring system when they get their computers. (They won't have to buy the entire MU-9000X USB system.)

In addition to providing an upgrade path for the MU-9000X AP3, the MU-9000X CK Conversion Kit provides a way for pilots to switch back and forth between the stand-alone display (MU-9000X AP3) and computer measuring system (MU-9000X USB). Because of this, measurements can be made at the flying field using the MU-9000X AP3 and then later be made at home/shop using the MU-9000X USB. This is an added benefit because some pilots don't want to take their computers to the field for making control surface adjustments (although many do without any problem). NOTE: The MU-9000X CK will not convert our previous product, the MU-1800I.

This kit includes everything you need to fully convert your MU-9000X AP3 to MU-9000X USB and back again. Please DO NOT CONNECT THE ANGLE MEASURING UNIT TO YOUR AP3, LCD DISPLAY AND COMPUTER USB PORT AT THE SAME TIME! This will void the Warranty provided by Bell Electronic Technologies.

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MU-9000X AP3

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Conversion Kit

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MEMS Angle Measuring
Unit after conversion

MU-9000X USB Specifications
MU-9000X AP3 Specifications
Purchase MU-9000X CK


  • Easy conversion from MU-9000X AP3 to MU-9000X USB

  • Plug-and-play software and conversion instructions included!

  • High-speed, USB 2.0 ROHS-compliant cable included!

  • Strain relief bracket included!

  • Can convert between MU-9000AP3 and MU-9000X USB and back again whenever needed!


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